Why Choose Composite?

In the past decade, composite decking has made big strides in the industry with the look and feel of the material. We understand that some customers concern is the real wood look, now with Ultra Decking’s new natural Platinum range these concerns will be very quickly eradicated. Order a sample and see the quality finish and beauty of Ultra Deckings Premier and Platinum range for yourself.

There is no question if customers like it or not – they do! The colour, texture of the new natural line rivals some of the best woods, retaining its beauty for many years.

The key reason customers are switching to composite decking is its low maintenance, anti-slip resistance, eco friendly green appeal and long-life span.

Composite decking choices have taken an even further transformation with the introduction of capped (co-extrusion) decking. Capped composite decking acts as a shield around the decking centre or honeycomb core. When we say shield, we mean it. The shield protection not only increases the life span but effectively protects the decking from mould, mildew, spills, stains and fading.

The 10 main advantage and benefits of composite decking:

• Composite decking is eco-friendly – made from up to 99% recycled materials, composite decking is a true eco-friendly product in a time that caring for the environment really does matter
• Life span – Composite decking will last for a minimum of 25 years compared to a wood life span of 8-12 years
• Low maintenance – composite decking is truly a low maintenance product providing our customers with extra time to relax and focus on their garden furniture choices with a truly hassle-free solution.
• Doesn’t need sealing or painting – no more spending your summer sealing or painting your deck.
• Doesn’t wrap, splint or crack – This makes your decking space child and pet friendly, giving that extra piece of mind when loved ones are playing in the garden
• Anti- slip – Composite decking offers exceptional non-slip properties, even in the wettest of weather
• Scratch-resistant – composite decking can stand up against them pet’s claws or high heel shoes.
• UV Protection – Most composite decking offers high UV protection with capped (co-extrusion) composite decking this now offers a warranty against fading, no more painting your deck
• Water Resistant – Capped (co-extrusion) composite decking is water resistant absorbing less than 1%
• Warranty – Composite decking comes with a 10-25-year warranty giving you piece of mind when purchasing

Most competitors will steer away on at this point but ultra decking believe in honestly honesty and transparency. No man-made product is 100% UV resistant. The sun’s rays are extremely aggressive. The shield on our Ultra Platinum is 99.9% fade resistant.

The benefits of composite decking should now become clear and you may be thinking what’s required to replace your old wood decking with Ultra Decking. This depends on whether your existing foundations are sound. If yes, you can build Ultra Decking right on to the existing foundation with minimal disruption.

Make sure to hire a professional who fully understands how composite expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations here in the UK and Europe. This will combat potential damage, gaps or warping. A skilled tradesman will install the composite decking boards in the proper manner to your home and surrounding fixtures.