Ultra Decking vs Timber Decking

If you have been considering and researching the available decking options, you will have no doubt come across wood decking, composite (traditional) decking and co-extrusion decking, often referred to as capped decking.

Wood decking:

Wood decking needs no introduction, it’s one of the most used decking solutions on the market. It comes in all different shapes and sizes; softwood to pressure treated, cedar, Ipe and redwood amongst others.

Composite decking – Ultra Decking

Also known as wood-polymer composites (WPC), wood alternatives or synthetic decking. Composite has quickly become the fastest-growing decking material for residential & commercial use in the past dozen years. Composite decking is an environmentally friendly lumber alternative that combines plastic and wood fiber. This is the most common composite product offered here in the U.K. Every 170 square meters of Ultra Decking contains almost 150,000 recycled plastic bags, saving 100’s of millions of kilograms of plastic and wood from landfills each year.

Factoring in maintenance and repairs, Ultra Decking costs less over its lifetime than wood does!

With a lower upfront cost, traditional wooden decking can be an appealing choice for many homeowners. However, within the first few years the cost of regular maintenance, repairs and board replacement can quickly add up as the timber decking begins to fade, warp and splinter. The cost of ownership over the life of traditional timber decking can soon outweigh the small extra investment of Ultra Decking’s premier or platinum range of smart intelligent composite decking solutions.

Ultra Decking offers Ultra Quality at an Ultra Low Price – Helping you to make the right choice

Research & Development

Homeowners should be wary of poorly designed, low quality decking products. Insist on buying only from Ultra Decking directly or from an authorised distributor. 1000’s of hours of testing, research and investigation has been performed with Ultra Decking’s range of decking solutions against decking solutions on offer from competitors. Not all composite decking is produced in the same way.

Ultra Decking’s platinum range is manufactured with 99% “Grade A” recycled plastic and wood pellets, giving our customers the reassurance of the very best decking solutions available on today’s market.

Ultra Decking’s platinum and premier range of decking solutions are backed by a higher than industry standard 25-year warranty. Ultra Decking’s beauty and aesthetics will endure year on year. All Ultra Decking products are tested by independent industry specialists scoring one of the UK’s highest test & inspection reports from SGS to give you further piece of mind when purchasing from Ultra Decking.

Ultra Decking TM is backed with years of research and investigation to guarantee their decking are the strongest and most durable decking solutions available. With the benefits of ultra-low maintenance and a real wood grain appearance, the Ultra Decking Platinum and Premier ranges are a smart, affordable choice. Customers will benefit from a long lasting and intelligent decking solution that will be beautiful and stylish in appearance, offering many, many years of service.