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3 May, 2018

Ultra Sample Box

£ 4.95 / box

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This is a 4 colour sample pack of our Premier or Platinum Range.

We provide 4 x 50mm lengths of the hollow.

Decking Size: 

4 x 50mm samples.


  • All Ultra Decking boards come with a 15-25 year guarantee
  • Every Ultra Decking board is designed to resist staining, colour fade** and scratches.
  • Two Great Looks: The opposite side of each Ultra Decking board has a choice of different finishes. Your preferred look could be a natural wood grain or indoor smooth effect. It’s your call.    
  • Ultra Decking Boards offer the most realistic wood grain look and finish in the industry
  • Ultra Decking Platinum Boards are coated with a patented shielded (co-extrusion) technology to provide additional anti- stain and anti-fade resistance to Mother Nature’s harshest elements.
  • All Ultra Decking boards offer Anti – Slip protection
  • Grooved for hidden fasteners
  • A tough shielded outer shell will keep the color and beauty of your deck for many years to come
  • Easy to clean
  • Ultra Decking recommend ordering samples to view and feel the quality of their boards.

Premier, Platinum