1What is Ultra composite decking?
Ultra Composite Decking is a mix of recycled hard wood fibres and plastics, with a small amount of bonding agents. Ultra decking is made from 99% recycled materials, including plastic bags which dramatically helps reduce plastics at landfills.
2Does your composite decking come with a guarantee?
Yes, Ultra Decking believe our product to be the highest standard the industry has to offer, and we back all our products with a guarantee of up to 25 years from date of purchase, for your peace of mind.
3How much does Ultra Decking cost?
Ultra Decking is one of the fastest growing products in the U.K. market due to our ultra quality and ultra low prices. If you visit our product page you will find our simply unbeatable quality and price there.
4How many decking boards will I need?
Please visit our decking calculator to do a quick and easy estimation on what you will need to complete your new decking area.
5What colours does the Ultra Decking come in?
Ultra decking has two decking ranges - ultra premier which comes in a dark chocolate or pure grey, and ultra platinum range which comes in a silver grey, oak or chocolate. We do recommend ordering a sample pack to truly see the colours and the ultra-quality boards.
6How much does delivery cost and how long will it take to get it?
We always quote 21-30 working days for delivery, this ensures we can deliver your product in a perfect condition and on time. Our delivery is FREE over £500
7How do I Ultra decking install the decking?
Please refer to our Installation page.
8How far apart should the supporting joists be?
The supporting joist below the composite decking boards should be a maximum of 400mm apart.
9Do I need specialist tools to install the decking?
There are no specialist tools required. The decking can be installed using the same tools you would use to install timber decking.
10Are the decking boards reversible?
All Ultra decking products are reversible, with natural wood grain looks or grooved sides - the choice is yours. If you fancy a change years down the line, simply flip them over.
11Will I see a fade on my decking?
You will see no fade on ultra decking platinum. On ultra decking premier you will see a slight fade over a 12-week period to supply a natural weathered look, this is due to the oil used in our colouring and when the rain and sun hits your outdoor decking, you will see the colour lighten like any outdoor product, supplying a more natural wood look. If you do wish to keep the exact matching colours from when you first purchased, you are able to seal that colour in place.
12Will I get a colour difference with my decking boards?
Ultra Decking use a dual tone on our entire product range to give you the industry’s best natural wood look.
13Can I amend/add to my decking order once I have placed it?
Yes, supply any amendments via email.
14What size drill bit should I use with the decking T Clip system?
We advise using a PH2 drill bit with the T Clip screws.
15How long do Composite Decking boards last?
Ultra decking offers a 15-25 year warranty on all our boards to give you that extra peace of mind. However, if composite decking boards are looked after they will last well beyond 25 years.
16How much is composite decking vs wood?
Composite decking is a much cheaper long-term investment when compared with wood, as well as being more eco-friendly and without a doubt the smarter choice overall.
17Can you paint a composite deck?
Ultra decking ranges come in different colours, however if you fancy a change years down the road, there is no issue in painting your decking area.